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    • Summer Pottery Course

      Source and prepare your clay, then create and pit fire your own unique piece of pottery with this one-of-a-kind, hands-on course! Learn More

    • Birthday Parties

      Make your child's birthday a unique and memorable one this winter by getting creative, investigating a mystery, or stepping back in time with the mastodons. Discover Your Theme!

    • Lend an Ear to the Past

      Discover the sounds of the past through the archaeology of music as London prepares to host the Juno Awards in March. Explore


    Museum of Archaeology Logo

    Explore Ontario’s Archaeology

    Welcome to the Museum of Ontario Archaeology. ?We are dedited to enriching the lives of nadians through the creation and dissemination of knowledge about the archaeology of Ontario.

    Archaeology brings the stories of how people lived to life. These stories connect us to our shared human heritage and give us a sense of place in the world. At the Museum of Ontario Archaeology (MOA), we believe that archaeology?is first and foremost about people and that by connecting with and sharing our stories we will understand and appreciate each other more.

    Please enjoy the MOA Museum Audio Guide during your visit

    Help us reach out and share the thrill of discovery!

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